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PageProof and Asana proofing integration.

Create proofs directly from Asana, stay up to date with proof approvals, and see progress at a glance – all kept in sync.

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Create proofs from tasks

With the PageProof app, Asana users can create proofs directly from tasks, and see immediately what status your proofs are in.

To add even more power to your creative workflow, set up Asana automatic rules for your project – for example, the task’s deadline is approaching, move the proof along in its workflow by skipping reviewers holding up the proof.

Powerful proofing tools

PageProof offers advanced proofing features that streamline collaboration and review processes. Compare mode to spot differences between versions, ColorSep® enables preview of color separation plates (perfect for packaging proofing), even an automatic barcode scanner. Customizable checklists and workflows optimize team communication.

With broad file type support, including Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, video, audio, websites, and HTML emails, integrating PageProof with Asana gives a powerful proofing solution for marketing and creative teams.

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Supercharge your marketing creative

The native integration between Asana and PageProof is a powerful solution that supercharges your creative flows.

The PageProof widget provides transparency of the approval progress without leaving Asana. Customize flows by creating rules for when certain trigger events occur.

All the control but none of the micro-managing.

Expert knowledge in a click

Integrating PageProof with Asana brings a powerful online proofing solution for marketing and creative teams.

Gain access to short instructional videos that unveil the full potential of this dynamic integration, empowering you to enhance collaboration, streamline approvals, and boost productivity like never before.

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