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Accelerate review cycles: Automatically skip reviewers who previously approved

In the fast-paced world of marketing and creative campaigns, deadlines loom and every moment is precious. Streamlining processes is not just beneficial, it’s essential. PageProof transforms how agencies and organizations handle proofing cycles, making the journey towards final approval faster. Our latest ground-breaking feature is focused on removing unnecessary review requests on new versions to ensure projects move forward quickly.View full post

Easy sharing of proofs

PageProof makes gathering feedback and approvals smooth and easy, whether from a few people or many. It’s designed to keep your team’s work flowing – whether you're sharing with a select group or everyone.View full post

Adding a new proof version

Not always is the first version of your work approved as is. Sometimes you’ll find you have been sent a to-do list for actioning. Here are 3 simple steps that will get you uploading that new version of the proof in no time at all.View full post

Even more mobile than before

The PageProof Windows app is a full-featured experience for users including creating and reviewing proofs, managing your dashboard, workflows... and so much more. Everything you can do on in the browser you can do in the PageProof Windows app. Better yet, if you are using the Windows app, there is no need to install the PageProof browser extension for reviewing website proofs. Wherever you work, so does PageProof.View full post

Proof notifications just the way you’d like them

During the proofing process, depending on your role you’ll receive various notifications. PageProof will notify you via email for key events, and for smaller more frequent activity events via notifications inside the app. Here’s a quick guide.View full post

Sharing the responsibility

There may be occasions when you’d like another team member to keep a watchful eye on your proof’s feedback and to be kept in the loop of where the proof is at. You also might want someone to add other proofers in the workflow to review your work. Let’s talk about PageProof’s owners and inviters.View full post

Making feedback welcome

Giving feedback is essential to successful collaboration on work and following our motto of 'everyone gets a red pen' we give you exactly that to add comments to a proof.View full post

Easy organization of proofs, collections, and folders

PageProof streamlines the proofing process and gives clarity to where proofs are at through a powerful dashboard organized into a convenient inbox, sent, outbox, and approved areas. Even a team dashboard for team administrators who require an overarching view. Furthermore, there are several convenient features to further classify and organize proofs.View full post