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Boost your team’s efficiency with proof templates

For marketing team leaders and studio managers at creative agencies, finding ways to work smarter is crucial. That’s where proof templates come in. These handy templates help you quickly create proofs to gather feedback and approvals, keeping your projects moving smoothly. See your team’s productivity soar!View full post

Optimize your workflow with webhooks

Webhooks are a game-changer for team productivity. They work behind the scenes, automatically sending updates to your other business systems the moment something changes in your proofing workflow. This means less waiting and more doing, keeping your team in sync and moving forward.View full post

Customize PageProof with your brand

PageProof lets you personalize your team’s proofing workspace. Choose to keep PageProof’s brand or add your own branding touches. You can put your logo on the proofing screen, add a custom header to emails, and even send emails under your team’s name with our Team plan. For enterprise customers, there are additional options tailored to your needs.View full post

Briefing with PageProof

Simply put, you can take an existing file that you’d like changes made to, upload it into PageProof, add your comments using the red pen tool and send it to your agency, colleague, or internal designer as a brief for actioning.View full post

Single sign-on for your organization

Wouldn’t it be nice if the users in your organization could log into PageProof using the same credentials as they use for your other corporate applications? This is all possible if your organization has a PageProof for Enterprise license and is using one of these SSO providers.View full post

Redefining encryption

PageProof’s use of encryption in proofing and approval is a world-first. This next generation approach to encryption takes data encryption to a new level.View full post

PageProof security certifications

As with any kind of identification of yourself, it’s of the utmost importance that your password is known only by you, of a certain level of difficulty to guess, and of course not written down on a post-it note. If you’ve ticked those boxes, we look after the rest.View full post

Connect best-in-class project management tools with PageProof

Is your project management tool lacking the online proofing capabilities and ease that your organization needs to streamline review and approval of creative work? Worry not. It is easy to connect your project management tool of choice with PageProof to bring world-class online proofing to your marketing technology stack.View full post

Marketing and brand compliance with checklists

The need to ensure artwork is compliant with marketing needs and an organization’s brand guidelines is crucial. Accurate, brand consistent creative builds trust with consumers. Brand trust is directly linked with the success of marketing activities.View full post