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Boost your team’s efficiency with proof templates

For marketing team leaders and studio managers at creative agencies, finding ways to work smarter is crucial. That’s where proof templates come in. These handy templates help you quickly create proofs to gather feedback and approvals, keeping your projects moving smoothly. See your team’s productivity soar!View full post

Optimize your workflow with webhooks

Webhooks are a game-changer for team productivity. They work behind the scenes, automatically sending updates to your other business systems the moment something changes in your proofing workflow. This means less waiting and more doing, keeping your team in sync and moving forward.View full post

Easy sharing of proofs

PageProof makes gathering feedback and approvals smooth and easy, whether from a few people or many. It’s designed to keep your team’s work flowing – whether you're sharing with a select group or everyone.View full post

The not-so-perfect proof

We understand the often-changing world of proofing and as the proof owner, PageProof gives you options for managing your proofs – including archiving them when they are no longer being worked on.View full post

Sharing the responsibility

There may be occasions when you’d like another team member to keep a watchful eye on your proof’s feedback and to be kept in the loop of where the proof is at. You also might want someone to add other proofers in the workflow to review your work. Let’s talk about PageProof’s owners and inviters.View full post

Control the proof’s flow with workflows

Wouldn’t it be nice to control when proofers are invited onto a proof? Make sure key collaborators must cast their eyes over your work? Workflows give you this control and flexibility to reflect the way you really work.View full post