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Gemma Hurst is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof

Reviewing video and audio?
Here’s how.

PageProof is used to review and approve all sorts of work every day; documents, imagery, brochures, billboards, posters and more – all using the red pen to add comments in precise places to give feedback.

So how do you proof video and audio content? With the same red pen of course!

The red pen proofing tool lets you add a comment to a proof.The red pen proofing tool lets you add a comment to a proof.

Our aim was to bring the familiar interface that you know and love for static proofing to moving content – why ask your proofers to learn something new?

Here’s how our video and audio review process works.

Step 1 a formal PageProof SDK quote and engagement

Upload your file

We support all these.

Step 2 access to PageProof’s SDK development environment is given

Invite proofers

If you have more than one proofer using, workflows makes this a breeze.

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Step 3 support for the PageProof SDK license is provided through our in-app chat

Use the red pen

Place feedback on the video or audio as it’s playing!

With PageProof, everyone gets a red pen to add comments

That process sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Just a couple of small differences to note. You’ll see a play icon to start and pause the video or audio. Comments will have video timestamp for easy reference, in audio this is a start and end timestamp. You can use the forward and back arrows to move through the comments that have been placed.

PageProof. Now proofing moving content is just as simple as static.

Reviewing Video and Audio proofs