Sign-off made simple

No more complicated email trails.
Give your team a red pen to review and approve your work*.

*Send video, audio, imagery, html, documents and more.
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PageProof® streamlines your review and approval process

Before: collaboration chaos
After: sign-off made simple

Gathering feedback has never been easier

With PageProof your team will have up to 30% fewer revisions and sign-off work over 40% faster.

Drag and drop your file to start your proof

Drag and drop your file to start your proof. Add the email addresses of your proofers. PageProof invites your proofers.

Proofers mark up the proof adding comments and attachments

Proofers mark up the proof adding comments and attachments, and can agree and reply to each other’s feedback.

Nudge or skip a proofer to keep the workflow moving

Nudge a proofer to remind them. Skip a proofer to keep the proof moving along. A clear view of who’s finished and who hasn’t.

Action the to-do list and upload a new version

A to-do list is sent for actioning. Drag and drop a new version of the proof for approval. Sign-off made simple.

PageProof is an online proofing system for designers and marketing teams


Drag your file to PageProof® to begin gathering feedback from your team – everyone gets a red pen. Comments added to your work in real-time, in a browser. PageProof® gives clear change requests and reduces feedback cycles.

Perfectly suited.

Your clients no longer need to learn different applications for proofing and approving different types of files. Neither do they need to buy expensive software to do so. Whether it’s an Acrobat PDF generated from Adobe InDesign or a native Photoshop PSD file, PageProof is one proofing system for all file types, and free to use, requiring only a modern browser on your desktop, tablet, iPad or mobile.

Use PageProof workflows to simplify online document collaboration


Create workflows to reflect the way you really work – groups of proofers reviewing in turn and the flexibility to nudge proofers along to your deadline. Perfect proofing from first draft to final approval with ease.