Getting started with PageProof is simple, quick, and easy.

How to get started with PageProof.
Firstly, let’s create your account.

Let’s create your account

Setting up an account with PageProof is simple. An account is needed to keep all your proofing information as secure as possible.

All you need is an email address and a password.

  1. Click the create account button
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Choose a password
  4. Click create account

Create account
Let’s review

When you’re invited to provide feedback on a proof, here’s how to start.

Step 1: View the proof

View the proof

When you receive an email inviting you to a proof, click the view proof button

Either click view proof in your proof invitation email, or click the get started button below, then click the proof tile in your dashboard inbox

Step 2: Use your red pen to give your feedback

Use your red pen

With PageProof, everyone gets a red penAdd a comment
Click on the proof to drop a pin and leave a commentClick
Click and drag up, down or sideways to draw a line on the proofClick + drag up, down or sideways
Click and drag diagonally to draw a square on the proofClick + drag diagonally
Zoom in and out of a proofZoom the proof
View the proof’s information paneProof information, including who’s in the workflow
Move through the pages of a proofMove through a multi-page proof
Step 3: Click the green button to finish proofing, approve the proof, or send a to-do list

Click the green button

Click the finished button when you’re done proofing
If you’re the final approver, click the approve button to approve the proof
Click on send to do list if comments have been marked as 'to do'

Said all you need to? Say you’re FINISHED.
Like what you see? Say you APPROVE.
Marked to-dos? SEND TO DO LIST.

Forgot to say something?

PageProof automatically archives proofs you have finished with. You can still get back to your proof by clicking on the link in your email, or in your notifications. You can always use the search on the dashboard too.

Getting started with PageProof’s online proofing can be found in more detail in our guide.

Get started