A seamless workflow

Isn’t it nice when everything just works smoothly together?

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Connecting your team’s business tools with PageProof is simple and gives your team flexibility to create proofs from wherever and receive notifications whenever.

Seamless creation of proofs

Creating proofs and new versions from directly within your Adobe Creative Cloud application is easy once you’ve downloaded our free Adobe add-on.

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Adobe Photoshop

Create proofs of images directly from Adobe Photoshop by downloading the PageProof Adobe CC add-on. We show your reviewers a proof of the active layers of the Photoshop file. If you’ve allowed them to download the original file, they will receive the Photoshop file with the active layers.
Using Adobe Photoshop with PageProof

Create proofs from cloud storage

If your work is stored in the cloud using popular storage providers such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or One Drive, simply direct PageProof to grab your file from that location.

Now you can create proofs whilst on the move with your mobile or tablet device! Also, there’s no need to download any apps for PageProof on mobile devices – all you need is a browser. Nice and simple.


If you use Dropbox for file storage, you can choose to select your file that you wish to upload as a proof directly from this location. Simply authenticate your Dropbox account with PageProof after clicking the Dropbox icon on the file dropper.
Using Dropbox with PageProof

Notifications just the way your team likes them

If your team use communications tools outside of email, why not send notifications there too!

When proofs are approved, or have to-dos requested, a notification will instantly pop into your chosen integration letting your team get that quick overview they’re after of everyone’s work.


If your team are using Slack for team messaging, why not streamline your workflow even more by getting proof approvals and proof to-do list notifications delivered directly into your team’s channel.
Using Slack with PageProof