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Our Software Development Kit is a set of private APIs that lets you integrate PageProof into your own software, giving you built-in review and approvals that are first-class.

To learn more about the PageProof SDK, read on below.

Our collaborative approach.

After your free consultation, this is how we approach a typical SDK integration:

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You’ll receive a formal quote and engagement agreement.

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You will receive access to a development environment along with development SDK keys.

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All SDK development support is done in-app through our live chat.

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When you’re ready to launch live, we will supply you with a credit card payment link and production keys.

Software Development Kit documentation

If you’re a developer or an engineer, you might like to read through our SDK documentation.

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Case Study Modernistic 2024

Modernistic halved their proof iterations

SDK customers are seeking a built-in review and approval solution that is first-class, and delivers results. For Modernistic, it was vital that PageProof integrated into other systems in order to establish a single source of truth. This means that everyone in the company has access to the same approved artwork – from any system they are working in.
The result: Modernistic halved their proof iterations.

To learn more about Modernistic’s experience and results with PageProof SDK, download the case study.