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Our Software Development Kit is a set of private APIs that lets you integrate PageProof into your own software, giving you built-in review and approvals that are first-class.

To learn more about the PageProof SDK, read on below.

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Book a time with a consultant to take us through your software and discuss how you’d like to integrate PageProof. If you’re interested in becoming a partner reseller, we can discuss that too.

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We’ve seen a multitude of amazing ways that PageProof has been integrated into asset management software, project management software, publishing automation software, and even software for resellers. Let’s discuss how our SDK might work best for you.

Our collaborative approach.

After your free consultation, this is how we approach a typical SDK integration:

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You’ll receive a formal quote and engagement agreement.

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You will receive access to a development environment along with development SDK keys.

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All SDK development support is done in-app through our live chat.

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When you’re ready to launch live, we will supply you with a credit card payment link and production keys.

Software Development Kit documentation

If you’re a developer or an engineer, you might like to read through our SDK documentation.

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Read our case study for Modernistic

SDK customers are seeking a built-in review and approval solution that is first-class. For Modernistic, it was vital that PageProof integrated into other systems in order to establish a single source of truth. This means that everyone in the company has access to the same approved artwork – from any system they are working in.

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