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Powerful marketing approval software, made simple with PageProof

PageProof is the go-to marketing approval software, ideal for teams of any size, structure, and industry. Marketing and creative teams can gather feedback and approvals at scale, transform creative productivity, and optimize workflow efficiencies with PageProof – saving time and money for your organization by streamlining the creative process.

Automated approval workflows

PageProof offers creative workflow automation allowing complete control throughout the proofing process. Control when reviewers are invited to proof, ensure key collaborators are involved, and the appropriate stakeholders have final approval. (automated reminders too).

Workflows provide you with the flexibility to reflect the way you work, and content flows through your approval process automatically, making the process faster and more efficient. With workflow automation you save time on manual and monotonous tasks, reducing errors and improving transparency at all stages.

All the types of files PageProof supports.

Broad file support for all your marketing collateral

No matter what type of creative content your marketing team works with, PageProof has you covered. PageProof offers the broadest range of file support in the online proofing industry including: Acrobat PDFs, Adobe CC files, video, email, audio, imagery, web banners and websites... even 3D.

Secure online proofing 

Providing powerful security and compliance solutions for marketing departments since inception, PageProof provides seamless login capability with single sign-on (SSO), SCIM provisioning, global data residency options wherever you feel most comfortable with your proofing data storage, and custom integrations via SDK and webhooks.

With patented triple-layer encryption and PageProof’s ISO 27001 certified information security management system (ISMS). PageProof delivers on the privacy of your sensitive data. Trust us to ensure your security concerns are met in your marketing review and approval processes.

Collaboration across industries

PageProof is designed to meet the collaboration needs of marketing teams across various industries. Our collaboration tools streamline the proofing and approval processes, preventing mistakes and ensuring efficient workflows.

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Meet tight deadlines with improved accuracy of product offers and pricing across catalogs, digital, packaging, signage, and in-store promotions.

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Food & beverage

Enable the checking of finer details using specialist proofing tools for labelling, packaging, photography, brand and advertising assets.

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Health, medical, & pharmaceutical

Facilitate efficient approvals for the review of instructional videos, websites, packaging, documentation, and designs – along with translations for localization.

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Arts & entertainment

Streamline the review and approval process for billboards, merchandise, social media, promotional video, app designs, and email campaigns.

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Banking, finance, & insurance

Ensure compliance and regulatory review processes are met, as well as accuracy and security when approving documents, presentations, and marketing materials.

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Creative agencies

Provide an easy-to-use online proofing solution for internal approvals. Review and approve full creative campaigns with enterprise-level clients easily, at scale.

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Automotive, transport, & machinery

Deliver on brand consistency when reviewing and approving website content, 3D walk-throughs, brochures, documents, and promotional materials.

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Aerospace, tourism, & hospitality

Simplify the feedback and approval process for marketing campaigns, promotional materials, website content, digital banners, emails, and social.

Our global customers include:

 Maintain brand compliance with ease

The most powerful brands are instantly recognizable to potential customers through their design – even without the logo. With PageProof, review all the media types you need for each marketing channel and ensure your brand is consistant along the way with specialized features.

PageProof makes it easy to ensure that your marketing and advertising materials comply with brand guidelines and regulations, providing a seamless experience for your customers throughout their journey.

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One-click audit

PageProof simplifies compliance management for marketing materials, providing a crucial audit log for a proofs’ lifecycle, saving time and effort for marketers.

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Checklists ensure brand compliance during proofing, guiding reviewers before final approval is given.

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Smart tools

An automated scanner to check barcodes and QR codes. Along with other tools such as a ruler, gridlines, link checker, fonts and color analysis, and more.

4 PageProof X-Tools icons in green: Calculator, calendar, word counter, and unit convertor


Proof templates help teams quickly create proofs with consistency. Workflow templates keep projects moving smoothly and make your team more efficient.


What is marketing approval software?

PageProof streamlines the review and approval process for marketing collateral – any kind of creative content. It helps teams ensure compliance with checklists, templates, by centralizing feedback, tracking revisions, and automating workflows.

Can PageProof integrate with my marketing team’s MarTech stack?

Yes. PageProof seamlessly integrates with popular MarTech tools, including: Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, monday.com, Asana, ClickUp, Airtable, Trello, Microsoft Teams, and Slack to name a few. Integrations allow your team to continue working with familiar tools while gaining the benefits of PageProof’s features for streamlined proofing and approval processes.