PageProof has a plan for everyone

Our pricing plans:
flat rate, no hidden costs.

All amounts are shown in USD.


Free accounts for all reviewers adding comments and approving proofs.


    Review imagery, Microsoft Office files, Adobe files, video, audio, HTML web banners, websites...even 3D content.
  • Unlimited reviewing of any kind of proof
  • Proofs are clearly ordered on your dashboard and are auto-archived when you’ve finished reviewing.
  • Dashboard
  • Compare proof versions side-by-side, or use smart compare to highlight the differences for you.
  • Smart compare
  • Training

    A PDF guide to reviewing proofs.
  • Quick guides
  • A YouTube channel with in-depth tutorials to widen your use of PageProof.
  • YouTube channel
  • In-app support
    Chat to our helpful team if you ever have a question.
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Perfect for a team sending out proofs.
unlimited users/per month, annually


    One email domain for your team.
  • Single email domain
  • The license covers your team’s email domain, not individuals.
  • Unlimited team members within your email domain
  • Send out proofs to as many reviewers as you like inside and outside of your email domain.
  • Unlimited reviewers (inside & outside of your email domain)
  • The license gives you unlimited proofs per month (including versions).
  • Unlimited proofs and versions
  • Store all your proofs and versions in PageProof for as long as you like.
  • Unlimited storage
  • Features

    PageProof can be even more seamless if you’d like to integrate your business tools.
  • Integrations (like Slack, Basecamp, Microsoft Teams, as well as Zapier which supports over 1000 applications to send proof notifications to)
  • A summary of what’s going on in your team’s world of proofs.
  • Team dashboard
  • Disable access for team members who have left.
  • Team users management
  • If you’d like to add your branding to PageProof, you can add a custom email banner, and your logo to the proofing screen.
  • Co-branding
  • Briefing lets you mark up changes to existing work, then send this brief to your agency, internal designer or colleague. Briefing is available for an additional fee per month.
  • Briefing (an optional extra at $49 per month)
  • Basic audit report for a proof.
  • Basic audit
  • Finance

    If you’d like to pay a year in advance you’ll receive a discount. You can choose to pay by invoice or credit card.
  • Annual plan discount
  • Training

    97% of users need no training at all, but if you’d like training for your reviewers to get started we can do this with a 15-minute live screen-share.
  • Initial live screen-share reviewer training
  • If you’d like to get your team of proof uploaders seeing all the ins and outs of PageProof, you can do this with a 45-minute live screen-share.
  • Initial live screen-share uploader training
  • In-app support
    Chat to our helpful team if you ever have a question.
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Perfect for a larger organization sending out proofs.
Get a quote
Customized perfectly for your needs
All the benefits of the team plan
as well as


    One email domain is included however if you’d like to add any more, there is a fee for each additional domain.
  • Multiple email domains
  • 1 team license for your agency to send you proofs, or 1 team license for your client to send you briefs. The choice is yours.
  • Includes one team license you can nominate (nominate your agency, your client, or a charity of your choice if you like!)
  • If you use external design freelancers, you can add them to your payment plan.
  • Optional external freelancers
  • Features

    Briefing lets you mark up changes to existing work, then send this brief to your agency, internal designer or colleague. Briefing is included in the Enterprise plan.
  • Briefing
  • Comprehensive full audit report for a proof and all its versions.
  • Full audit
  • Finance

    You can choose to pay by invoice or credit card.
  • Annual plan with payment options
  • If you’d like to pay 2 or 3 years in advance, a discount is available.
  • Discounts for 2-year and 3-year contracts
  • IT management

    For an additional fee you can choose where your data is stored: West Coast USA, Australia or Europe.
  • Nominated data storage location
  • Authentication is available with Okta, Azure Active Directory, G Suite and Centrify.
  • Single sign-on
  • Optional extra for those using single sign-on authentication with Okta, Azure Active Directory, G Suite or Centrify.
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Deep-dive security discussion with your IT team.
  • Security consultation upon request
  • Give your organization the best experience possible with high speed data pipes and priority.
  • Priority data pipes & speed
  • Training

    Complimentary onboarding training is offered via screen-share and resources. If you are a rapidly expanding company with staff growth changing over time, you can choose from a range of additional training packages as your needs evolve. Additional packages have a one-off fee.
  • Training packages available
  • Bespoke training for your team matched to your workflow.
  • Customized training material
  • Support

    A dedicated customer success representative to help onboard PageProof throughout your organization.
  • Personal customer success representative
  • Priority in-app & email support
  • In-app & email support
    Chat to our helpful team if you ever have a question.
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All our plans include

PageProof supports video and audio proofing

Video and audio support

Review video and audio content quickly and easily; mp3, mp4, avi and mov are all supported. Use your red pen to add comments to video frames and waveforms.

Use workflows to collaborate on documents


Groups of proofers reviewing in turn – this is a workflow. PageProof® routes your proof through the workflow for you.

Marcus Radich is the CTO and co-founder of PageProof

Fully encrypted

We encrypt data on your PC or device, before it travels across a secure data pipe. Perplexed?

PageProof supports Microsoft, Adobe, imagery, PDF, websites and HTML web banner proofing

Static file & html proofing

Proof Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, jpeg, png and more.
Real html website & banner ad proofing. WordPress, SilverStripe & website URL proofing.

Compare versions side by side

Smart compare

Not only can you compare proof versions side-by-side, but our smart compare will highlight the differences for you.

With PageProof, your creative files are safe and secure


Your IT department will be assured. PageProof® sits on top of a highly secure and rigorously tested platform which fulfils these certifications.

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Smart dashboard

Who likes admin and proof clutter? Proofs are clearly ordered for you and your proofers, and when finished are auto-archived.

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Mobile when you need to be

No need to download apps, PageProof® works on all your devices. All you need is a modern browser.

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In-app chat support

Got a question? Need a quick piece of advice? Contact our friendly team through the in-app chat.

Have your own software that’s missing a
world class proofing tool?

If your project management, asset management or publishing system needs a world class review and approval solution added to enhance its offering to your market – talk to us about our SDK licensing.

PageProof is an online proofing system that can work with any team size

Small, medium or XL?

Users invited to proof your artwork, web banners, websites, documents, presentations, plans, photography, video etc, can add as many comments as they like on free accounts. Not sure what plan you need? We’re happy to give you some advice for your online proofing needs.