PageProof has a plan for everyone


Pricing plans

All amounts are shown in USD.


Perfect for an individual or freelancer sending out proofs.
per month
  • A single license attached to your email address
    The license is linked to a single email address.
  • Unlimited reviewers
    Send out proofs to as many reviewers as you like. You don’t pay for reviewers and they don’t need to pay either.
  • Unlimited proofs and versions
    Send out as many proofs, and versions of proofs as you like, to as many reviewers as you like.
  • Unlimited storage
    Store all your proofs and versions in PageProof for as long as you like.
  • Seamless encryption of all your comments, proofs and versions
    Our encryption is a world-first! We encrypt on your computer or device before the data travels.
  • In-app support
    Chat to our helpful team if you ever have a question.
    In-app support from our friendly team
Most common plan


Perfect for a team sending out proofs.
per month
All the benefits of the personal plan
as well as
  • Unlimited team members within your email domain
    The license covers your team’s email domain, not individuals.
  • Integrations (like Slack, Basecamp and more)
    PageProof can be even more seamless if you’d like to integrate your business tools.
  • Team users management
    Disable access for team members who have left.
  • Optional annualized invoice
    If you’d like to pay for a year in advance, we can provide you with an invoice.
  • Optional live screen-share reviewer training
    97% of users need no training at all, but if you’d like training for your reviewers to get started we can do this with a 15-minute live screen-share.
  • Optional live screen-share uploader training
    If you’d like to get your team of proof uploaders seeing all the ins and outs of PageProof, you can do this with a 45-minute live screen-share.
  • Co-branding
    If you’d like to add your branding to PageProof, you can add a custom email banner, and your logo to the proofing screen.
  • Team dashboard (coming soon)
    A summary of what’s going on in your team’s world of proofs.
  • Weekly summary report (coming soon)
    A weekly work-in-progress report landing in your inbox on a Monday to start the week.
  • Priority in-app support
    Priority, we mean that too.
    In-app support from our friendly teamIn-app support from our friendly teamIn-app support from our friendly team


Perfect for a larger organization sending out proofs.
From $999
per month
All the benefits of the team plan
as well as
  • Specification of data storage location
    For an additional fee you can choose where your data is stored: West Coast USA, Australia or Europe.
  • Optional multiple email domains
    One email domain is included however if you’d like to add any more, there is a fee for each additional domain.
  • Optional negotiated terms
    For an additional fee, if your legal team really want to discuss a change or two to our global terms, let’s talk.
  • Single-Sign On (coming soon)
    Authentication with Azure Active Directory.
  • Multi-factor authentication (coming soon)
    Optional extra for those using single sign-on authentication with Azure Active Directory.
  • Audit (coming soon)
    Comprehensive audit report for a proof and all its versions.
  • Priority in-app support
    Priority, we mean that too.
    In-app support from our friendly teamIn-app support from our friendly teamIn-app support from our friendly team

All our plans include

Fully encrypted

We encrypt data on your PC or device, before it travels across a secure data pipe. Perplexed? Read more.

Use workflows to collaborate on documents


Groups of proofers reviewing in turn – this is a workflow. PageProof routes your proof through the workflow for you.

No installs needed

All you need is a modern browser*. No software installs, plugins or tricky set ups.

*Chrome, IE 11, Edge, Firefox, Safari.

PageProof is a smart cloud proofing system

Smart dashboard

Who likes admin and proof clutter? Proofs are clearly ordered for you and your proofers, and when finished are auto-archived.

With PageProof, your documents are safe and secure


Your IT department will be assured. PageProof sits on top of a highly secure and rigorously tested platform which fulfils these certifications.

Proof wherever you are

Mobile when you need to be

No need to download apps, PageProof works on all your devices. All you need is a modern browser.

Small, medium or XL?

Users invited to proof your artwork, web banners, websites, documents, presentations, plans, photography, video etc, can add as many comments as they like on free accounts. Not sure what plan you need? We’re happy to give you some advice for your online proofing needs.