Revolutionizing multi-brand catalog proofing with invisible comments

Invisible reviewer comments

Invisible reviewer comments is a feature designed specifically for marketing managers and creative agencies engaged in the production of multi-brand brochures and catalogs. It enables a setup where reviewers can see only their own comments and markup without visibility into others’, ensuring focused and independent feedback.

Maintaining confidentiality

In projects that involve multiple external brands, confidentiality is often a critical concern. Different brands may be in competition with each other, or there may be sensitive information that should not be disclosed broadly. By ensuring that reviewers can only see their own comments, PageProof helps to maintain the confidentiality of each brand’s feedback and strategic insights. This is crucial in preventing potential conflicts of interest and in protecting the proprietary information of each participating brand.

Facilitates easier management for proof owners

Managing the review process across multiple brands and stakeholders can be a logistical nightmare. Filtering comments and markup by a reviewer allows easy segmentation of feedback, making it simpler to address each brand’s concerns individually and to compile feedback efficiently. This segmentation also enables a more organized approach to implementing changes, as teams can prioritize and address comments systematically.

Innovation that drives successful multi-brand collaborations

The innovative solution of invisible reviewer comments is pivotal for marketing managers and creative agencies working on multi-brand projects – where confidentiality and the integrity of individual brand feedback are paramount. It addresses several fundamental challenges associated with managing complex review processes, including: maintaining confidentiality, ensuring independent feedback from different brands, streamlining the review process, and facilitating easier management of the proof. By implementing this feature, enterprises can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their review processes in multi-brand projects, leading to higher quality outcomes and more successful multi-brand collaborations.

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About Gemma

Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.