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PageProof is powerful online proofing software that makes the review and approval of creative work — no matter what the file type — feel effortless. Marketing and creative teams can gather feedback and approvals at scale, transform creative productivity, and maximize workflow efficiencies with PageProof.

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Driving approved creative for marketing and creative teams

PageProof has been helping creative and marketing teams succeed for over a decade. Streamlining creative workflows, accelerating approvals through templates and automation, eliminating unnecessary meetings and emails – enabling teams to focus on delivering quality creative content at scale.

    40% increase in workflow efficiency
    31% reduction in rework
    38% increase in design productivity
    61% reduction in review time
    All the types of files PageProof supports.

    Simple to gather feedback and approvals on all your creative

    One system powering all your creative approvals. PageProof’s online proofing software can be used for all your projects and campaigns.

    Proof video, HTML web banners and digital, websites, email templates, audio, imagery, documents, Microsoft Office files, Acrobat PDFs, Adobe Creative Cloud files, 3D, prototype designs, and more.


    Online proofing for all industries globally

    You might recognise some of our customers.

    More than just markup and commenting. Powerful, innovative proofing tools that transform productivity. 

    Cutting-edge innovation to maximize efficiencies, and that helps reviewers check and approve all creative.

    And for designers and proof owners, transform productivity with the power of templates – proof templates, workflow templates, checklist templates… the right people involved at the right time, with your process being followed at all times.


    Row of X-Tools icon: calculator, calendar, word counter, and converter tools

    PageProof X-Tools

    Extend and enhance the proofing experience – add a range of X-Tools to the proofing screen on a proof-by-proof basis.

    Row of X-Tools icon: calculator, calendar, word counter, and converter tools

    PageProof X-Tools

    The smarter way to review. PageProof Intelligence uses proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) making teams more efficient.

    Orange ruler icon

    Pixel-perfect proofing

    Ruler. Gridlines. Automatic link checking. Fonts and color analysis, and more.

    Checklist icon


    For brand compliance, and to help guide reviewers during their review.

    Grey smart compare icon

    Smart compare

    Side-by-side compare of versions, and smart compare will highlight the differences.

    CMYK color drops


    Preview color separation plates, and check ink coverage.

    Barcode scanner icon

    Barcode scanner

    An automated scanner to check barcodes and QR codes.

    Adobe Acrobat app icon

    Import PDF comments

    In a click, import markup and comments from ‘johns-changes-final-final.pdf’.

    Seamless, purpose-built integrations – maximizing efficiency

    PageProof provides world-class integrations with your marketing and technology stack, as well as your communication tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, providing industry-leading compatibility and efficiency.

    • For project managers, vital information-rich proofing details are automatically synced with leading project management tools such as monday.com, Asana, Airtable, ClickUp, and Trello.
    • For designers, an essential two-way integration with Adobe Creative Cloud design apps to quickly create proofs and see clear, concise feedback and markup layered over artwork and video.
    • For proof creators, easy access to files stored in cloud storage providers like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.
    • For reviewers, proof notifications and updates into communication tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or email.
    A snapshot of the integrations available with PageProof online proofing

    Ensuring security and privacy for your enterprise organization

    Seamless logins with single sign-on, provision users with SCIM, a choice of data residency location into multiple zones globally – even webhooks, and an SDK to satisfy any custom-built system integration requirements.

    We understand the importance of safeguarding your sensitive data and ensuring its confidentiality which is critical for pre-release marketing materials. Rest-assured with our patented triple-layer encryption, and PageProof’s ISO 27001 certified information security management system (ISMS). Delivering on your data privacy and security policy needs is covered.

    PageProof go live is less than a month

    Leading customer support, and fast implementation

    With 24/7 customer support, dedicated account managers, and concierge service, your onboarding and ongoing support needs are met. Every implementation follows an agreed statement of work and rollout plan.

    4 G2 badges for Enterprise: Easiest to use, high performer, best support, easiest setup. Online Proofing Category Spring 2024.