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Video proofing software for simple review and approval

PageProof’s powerful video proofing software allows creative teams to effortlessly review and approve proofs of the broadest range of video formats.


We understand the unique challenges posed by proofing video content, and our platform is designed to streamline the review process for video editors, reviewers, and collaborators at all stages of your workflow. 

A collaborative video approval tool

PageProof makes the process of collaborating throughout the post-production stage of video creation effortless.

Whether you’re managing the workflows within your business or external stakeholders, PageProof ensures a smooth process from start to finish, helping you fly through the approval processand ensure your video content is pixel-perfect.

PageProof's video proofing software UI

Our key video proofing features

  • Format flexibilitySupport for a wide range of file types, including mp4, m4v, avi, mkv, mov, and gif.
  • Subtitle support – We provide support for reviewing subtitle files like SRT and VTT.
  • Precise feedback – Reviewers can markup and comment directly on specific video frames of video using SMPTE codes, ensuring clear and context-specific communication.
  • Time-spanning comments – Span comments over time to easily provide feedback to cover a period of the video. Control playback speeds for meticulous examination, and also handy skip forward or back buttons.
  • Collaboration tools – Workflows make it simple to get feedback from the right people, in the right order, while checklists highlight essential items to be checked.
  • Version comparisonReviewers can easily compare video proof versions side-by-side with a full version history stored for each proof.

PageProof Adobe integration

Proofing video content direclty with the PageProof plugin for Adobe CC apps has never been more seamless. Allowing you to send proofs directly from Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. You will love how comments are brought back in layered over the timeline.

The plugin makes it simple to create proofs of your video and animated content – with endless efficiencies along the way.

The video proofing process

The video proofing process offers a seamless and efficient way to collaborate on video, animations, GIFs, and more.

  1. The first step is the simplicity of uploading your file, drag and drop your file, or create the proof directly from Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects.
  2. Next, inviting reviewers becomes a straightforward task, especially when utilizing workflows for multiple departments and external stakeholders.
  3. Once in the review phase, the red pen tool allows reviewers to provide feedback directly on the video as it plays, as well as a range of other powerful proofing tools.

This ingeniously simple approach streamlines communication and fast tracks the review and approval of moving content, you won’t know how you ever lived without it.


    What is video proofing?

    Video proofing is a collaborative process that enables creative teams to share and review proofs of various video formats seamlessly.

    It streamlines the review process for video editors, reviewers, and other stakeholders, facilitating efficient collaboration across workflows.

    What video formats does video proofing software support?

    PageProof’s video proofing software supports the broadest range of video formats, including mp4, m4v, avi, mkv, mov, and gif, providing flexibility for creative teams working with diverse content.