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Powerful online proofing for ClickUp with PageProof

Full-featured proofing for your team for all creative file types including video, websites, audio, emails, and more. Easily keep track of proofs inside ClickUp, see information-rich summary cards. Even automatically upload final approved files to ClickUp tasks.

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An online proofing tool for all industries.

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Create proofs and connect them to tasks

ClickUp users can create proofs of any file type, no matter what the creative campaign, from PageProof and easily connect them to a ClickUp task.

See immediately what status proofs are in with information-rich summary cards on the task that are automatically kept in sync – the number of proof comments, details of what step the workflow is up to, the decisions made so far, and more.

Powerful proofing tools

PageProof offers advanced proofing features that streamline collaboration and review processes. Compare mode to spot differences between versions, ColorSep® enables preview of color separation plates (perfect for packaging proofing), even an automatic barcode scanner. Customizable checklists and workflows optimize team communication.

With broad file type support, including Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, video, audio, websites, and HTML emails, integrating PageProof with ClickUp gives a powerful proofing solution for marketing and creative teams.

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Automatically upload approved files

When a proof is given final approval, automatically upload the final approved file to a ClickUp task. Keep your team easily up to date and have files within easy reach.

Powerful online proofing for ClickUp campaigns

ClickUp teams will be delighted at the vast offering of advanced proofing tools at their fingertips, covering all types of creative files. And proof information within easy reach on their ClickUp tasks.

When a proof is given final approval, automatically upload the final approved file to a ClickUp task.

Take your team’s efficiency to the next level.

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