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Boost your team’s efficiency with proof templates

For marketing team leaders and studio managers at creative agencies, finding ways to work smarter is crucial. That’s where proof templates come in. These handy templates help you quickly create proofs to gather feedback and approvals, keeping your projects moving smoothly. See your team’s productivity soar!View full post

Optimize your workflow with webhooks

Webhooks are a game-changer for team productivity. They work behind the scenes, automatically sending updates to your other business systems the moment something changes in your proofing workflow. This means less waiting and more doing, keeping your team in sync and moving forward.View full post

Easy sharing of proofs

PageProof makes gathering feedback and approvals smooth and easy, whether from a few people or many. It’s designed to keep your team’s work flowing – whether you're sharing with a select group or everyone.View full post

Customize PageProof with your brand

PageProof lets you personalize your team’s proofing workspace. Choose to keep PageProof’s brand or add your own branding touches. You can put your logo on the proofing screen, add a custom header to emails, and even send emails under your team’s name with our Team plan. For enterprise customers, there are additional options tailored to your needs.View full post

Briefing with PageProof

Simply put, you can take an existing file that you’d like changes made to, upload it into PageProof, add your comments using the red pen tool and send it to your agency, colleague, or internal designer as a brief for actioning.View full post

Single sign-on for your organization

Wouldn’t it be nice if the users in your organization could log into PageProof using the same credentials as they use for your other corporate applications? This is all possible if your organization has a PageProof for Enterprise license and is using one of these SSO providers.View full post

Import Adobe Acrobat PDF comments onto a proof

We all know that one person in the organization who wants to stick with the old way they are used to. For designers receiving Adobe Acrobat PDFs named johns-final-changes, johns-final-final-changes, johns-absolutely-final-changes.... we have the perfect solution.View full post

Adding a new proof version

Not always is the first version of your work approved as is. Sometimes you’ll find you have been sent a to-do list for actioning. Here are 3 simple steps that will get you uploading that new version of the proof in no time at all.View full post

Even more mobile than before

The PageProof Windows app is a full-featured experience for users including creating and reviewing proofs, managing your dashboard, workflows... and so much more. Everything you can do on in the browser you can do in the PageProof Windows app. Better yet, if you are using the Windows app, there is no need to install the PageProof browser extension for reviewing website proofs. Wherever you work, so does PageProof.View full post

Adobe add-ons galore

So you live and breathe all day in Adobe Creative Cloud, we can relate. We love creating all sorts of work using Adobe Creative Cloud too – imagery, illustrations, logos, presentations, brochures, documents, all sorts of designs… Now you can enjoy sending your work out for review and approval, without having to leave your favorite Adobe creative tools.View full post

The not-so-perfect proof

We understand the often-changing world of proofing and as the proof owner, PageProof gives you options for managing your proofs – including archiving them when they are no longer being worked on.View full post

Sharing the responsibility

There may be occasions when you’d like another team member to keep a watchful eye on your proof’s feedback and to be kept in the loop of where the proof is at. You also might want someone to add other proofers in the workflow to review your work. Let’s talk about PageProof’s owners and inviters.View full post

Redefining encryption

PageProof’s use of encryption in proofing and approval is a world-first. This next generation approach to encryption takes data encryption to a new level.View full post

PageProof security certifications

As with any kind of identification of yourself, it’s of the utmost importance that your password is known only by you, of a certain level of difficulty to guess, and of course not written down on a post-it note. If you’ve ticked those boxes, we look after the rest.View full post

Connect best-in-class project management tools with PageProof

Is your project management tool lacking the online proofing capabilities and ease that your organization needs to streamline review and approval of creative work? Worry not. It is easy to connect your project management tool of choice with PageProof to bring world-class online proofing to your marketing technology stack.View full post

Up all the time

We believe that due to the urgency and velocity of proofing requirements, that scheduled outages to upgrade should never occur. An online proofing platform should be up, all the time.View full post

Marketing and brand compliance with checklists

The need to ensure artwork is compliant with marketing needs and an organization’s brand guidelines is crucial. Accurate, brand consistent creative builds trust with consumers. Brand trust is directly linked with the success of marketing activities.View full post

Making feedback welcome

Giving feedback is essential to successful collaboration on work and following our motto of 'everyone gets a red pen' we give you exactly that to add comments to a proof.View full post

Email marketing proofing

PageProof continues to be the innovation leader in the online proofing space, and as of today is the only platform that lets you send a test email from any marketing system into PageProof as a proof.View full post

Easy organization of proofs, collections, and folders

PageProof streamlines the proofing process and gives clarity to where proofs are at through a powerful dashboard organized into a convenient inbox, sent, outbox, and approved areas. Even a team dashboard for team administrators who require an overarching view. Furthermore, there are several convenient features to further classify and organize proofs.View full post

Marketing compliance with ease

With the increased use of digital content today, marketing compliance is becoming even more critical for every company. Every marketer, content producer, project manager, and even technical manager, should be prepared to audit their marketing materials if the need arises, and ensure a tracked review and approval process is in place to avoid potential damage to the company’s brand, loss of customers, and even exposure to high fines.View full post

Control the proof’s flow with workflows

Wouldn’t it be nice to control when proofers are invited onto a proof? Make sure key collaborators must cast their eyes over your work? Workflows give you this control and flexibility to reflect the way you really work.View full post

Smart compare of proofs is just that. Smart.

An important part of the online proofing process is checking whether changes that were asked for have been actioned between versions. PageProof makes comparing between proof versions, and between different proofs too, quick and easy. No more playing ‘spot the difference’.View full post

Design in Canva. Proof in PageProof.

Do you love to use Canva to create social media images, presentations, posters, and other visual content? Do you also need to review these marketing and artwork materials to ensure that they meet marketing compliance?View full post

All you need is a modern browser

That’s right. To get started with PageProof’s online proofing, all you need is a modern browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge on Windows 10. There’s no need to install any software or plugins to be reviewing all your content (audio, video, imagery, pdfs, documents and more) online with your team.View full post

A closer look at your dashboard

PageProof’s dashboard gives you a secure workspace prioritized to help you collaborate with others to meet their proofing deadlines, as well as your own. Thumbnails of proofs you manage and those you’ve been asked for feedback hold key information about where each proof is at.View full post

Proofing color separations made ingeniously simple

Designers and stakeholders in the artwork approval process worldwide have been yearning for a simple solution to ensure that print-ready files are pixel perfect. Packaging mistakes can have a negative impact on your brand and create unnecessary costs. A comprehensive proofing process can reduce these risks.View full post