6 benefits you’ll get from a move to online review and approval

Too often do we hear the pains and frustrations from corporate marketing departments and creative agencies globally, who are still manually circulating work for approval via email. Trying to cope with the chaos of feedback returned via multiple channels (think phone calls, email trails, handwritten scribbles to name a few) is preventing the momentum they desire.

A move to online review and approval dramatically changes the work-life of everyone involved during the crucial sign-off process.

Here are 6 key benefits of making this decision to change your business process.

1. Reduced effort

When everyone is commenting on the same file, in real-time, the effort required by all involved to review the proof is reduced, and a higher quality of checking occurs.

To give an example, a proof is sent to 25 people. One reviewer spots a change to be made: “There is a typo in our website address”; the other 24 don’t need to spend their time spotting that same change. Instead, their attention is drawn to check other areas of the proof, resulting in a more thorough collective review.

2. Clarity like never before

There is nothing worse than sifting through emails of changes, feedback and opinions, trying to resolve conflicts, determining whose opinion matters more, and deciphering what exact parts of your creative people are referring to. Add to that frustration of receiving print-outs with illegible scribbles, and you find yourself spending sometimes hours trying to get a clear list of changes that need to be made.

Online proofing brings clarity – a single, clearly marked-up set of changes that need to be made. Opinions have been resolved before you’ve been sent a to-do list. Designers can actually breathe a sigh of relief when they receive a to-do list as no time needs to be spent interpreting. In fact, that time can be better spent doing what they love best – designing.

3. Expanded brand knowledge

A pleasant side-effect of online proofing is an increased awareness of what is on and off-brand which spreads company-wide.

Take this example, Mark is always asking “Please use our black and white logo here” and the designer replies back “I can’t sorry, our brand guidelines are to use the color logo in our communication pieces”. Now not only does Mark know why the change won’t be made, but all the other reviewers on the proof are enlightened as well.

4. Assured delivery

Online proofing ensures all your creative work gets through – video, websites, web banners, gifs, Photoshop files, PowerPoint presentations…all those tricky file types that need specialized software that reviewers may not have, to open and view.

A cloud-based system that only requires a browser, no apps or plugins, will give a seamless experience for everyone to see all your creations.

5. For your eyes only

When sending files attached to emails, control is lost immediately after you push send. Emails can be accidentally, or purposefully, forwarded – that confidential, pre-release marketing material you have spent hours/days/weeks designing can potentially give the upper hand to a competitor.

Secure* online review and approval gives you visibility of exactly who has seen your work and you control who has access.

*Ensure you have full encryption and always ensure reviewers are specifically named so they can be accountable for their decisions and comments on the proof.

6. Fewer versions

A simpler, more enjoyable collaboration experience will mean more feedback is gathered, many more eyes can look over the work to check all manner of content, and ultimately fewer revisions (our latest estimates show 40% fewer versions using PageProof®).

Think of that last invoice you received for rounds of amends. Think of that deadline you missed. Think of all that extra marketing content that needs to be snuck in within the same team and time limits.

Think of moving to online review and approval – this move will change your team’s world.

20 minutes is the most you need to put aside to see PageProof at work. You can book a demo here.


About Gemma

Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.