Connect Microsoft Teams and Slack with PageProof proofing
Gemma Hurst is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof

Supercharge your team communication during the proof’s lifecycle

PageProof’s integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack supercharges your team communication when it comes to tracking your creative projects, and escalates your proofing productivity.

Microsoft Teams and PageProof

If your team uses Microsoft Teams you can receive your proof notifications from PageProof seamlessly. You can not only track the status of proofs through a Microsoft Teams channel, but you also have the option to download the PageProof Microsoft Teams app to receive personal notifications. You will receive personalized messages through this app with the proofs you are involved in, ensuring you don’t miss a step. You can read more about how to download the app here.

The Teams channel provides an overview of team proofs to all who have access to the channel, allowing everyone to keep an eye on how the proof is progressing. Learn how to integrate PageProof with Microsoft Teams channel.

PageProof integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams – either send notifications to a channel, or receive personal notifications through the PageProof Microsoft Teams app.

Slack and PageProof

If your team uses Slack for internal communications, why not streamline your creative workflow further with the PageProof Slack app? You can send proof approvals and proof to-do list notifications directly to a Slack channel on a proof-by-proof basis, or use PageProof Slack app to deliver directly to you your personal proof notifications. Escalating your proofing productivity is a breeze with Slack and PageProof.

PageProof integrates seamlessly with Slack – either send notifications to a channel, or receive personal notifications through the PageProof Slack app.

Need more integrations? We have connected best-in-class project management tools such as, Asana, Trello… Learn more.

Wherever you work, so does PageProof.