Connect best-in-class project management tools with PageProof

Is your project management tool lacking the online proofing capabilities and ease that your organization needs to streamline review and approval of creative work? Worry not. It is easy to connect your project management tool of choice with PageProof to bring world-class online proofing to your marketing technology stack.

PageProof’s native integrations with popular best-in-class project management tools, Asana, and Trello (to name a few), allow you to fly through your creative review and approval process seamlessly – it really does feel like you’re flying through approvals on autopilot. And best of all, no code is needed. and PageProof’s online proofing

The two-way, native integration of and PageProof has a powerful range of features that will save hours of time in teamwork – in fact, a 40% speed-up in your workflow. It allows you to create all types of proofs with ease – either directly from within, or in PageProof triggering the creation of items or subitems automatically. Proof information is synchronized without you lifting a finger, right the way through the proof’s lifecycle.

Integrations, as well as automations, let you customize your creative workflow to suit your team’s needs. The options are endless.

PageProof’s powerful integration with saves hours.

Asana and PageProof’s online proofing

PageProof’s recent supercharged native integration with Asana makes your creative workflow and team collaboration even more effective. The ease of creating proofs directly from Asana tasks – even URL links, and email marketing proofs – and a transparent view of your approval progress with a widget, gives your team both functionality and visibility when reviewing and approving creative work.

PageProof and Asana integrate seamlessly together.

Airtable and PageProof’s online proofing

Add the PageProof extension to Airtable so your team can deliver creative campaigns faster. Airtable users can proof all types of creative, including artwork, video, websites, audio, HTML emails, and more. Create proofs directly from Airtable, and automatically sync proof data with table columns. Easily create a proofs table to track your proofs too. A proofs interface can be created for a unique view that you can customize for your Airtable users.

Deliver creative campaigns faster with PageProof and Airtable.

ClickUp and PageProof’s online proofing

PageProof’s native integration with ClickUp brings powerful online proofing to ClickUp users. Easily keep track of proofs inside ClickUp, and see information-rich summary cards on tasks that are automatically kept in sync – the number of proof comments, details of what step the workflow is up to, the decisions made so far, and more… And when final approval is given, automatically upload the final file to the task.

Powerful online proofing for ClickUp with the PageProof integration.

Trello and PageProof’s online proofing

This native two-way integration of Trello and PageProof not only lets you monitor proofs without leaving Trello, but you can also create proofs directly from Trello card attachments. A breeze for anyone working directly in Trello. And of course, along the way, the proof’s progress is automatically updated to keep your team fully up to date with progress.

PageProof and Trello. Perfectly powered-up.

Seamless integrations galore – and no code needed

Just a few of our popular integrations are mentioned above, so get in touch with us to find out how PageProof can add best-in-class online proofing to your workflow tools.

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Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.