Gather a single approval on multiple files with ease

Create a single proof from multiple files

PageProof simplifies your review process by enabling you to merge multiple files into one proof with just a click. This feature allows reviewers to view all content simultaneously and make a single approval decision quickly and efficiently.

Effortlessly drag and drop your images, artwork, Microsoft Office files, and PDF files into the uploader, and with one click, you can combine them into a single proof. This means only one email notification, one proof to review, and one decision needed from your reviewer. It’s especially useful for approving a series of photographs as a batch, multiple PDF documents, or several presentations in one go. Or a combination of images, documents, artwork, and PDFs for a marketing campaign.

At PageProof, our goal is to enhance the efficiency of marketing teams and creative agencies gathering feedback and approvals on creative work. Combining files into one proof is just one of the many ways we do this.

Try out PageProof today and see how it can streamline your workflow.


About Gemma

Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.