Marcus Radich is the CTO and co-founder of PageProof

i is for info:
Everything you need to know about the proof

The proof’s info pane is jam-packed with information about the proof. To open, either click the i icon on the proof tile, or click the i icon inside the proofing screen.

Here’s what you’re looking for:Here’s what you’re looking for:

Useful information on display

View the proof’s info pane to see who owns it, what deadline is being worked to, the status of the proof and most importantly what the proof’s workflow looks like.

The proof’s workflow is always on display in the proof’s info pane.The proof’s workflow is always on display in the proof’s info pane.

The workflow shows all proofers who have been asked to give feedback, and whether they have finished reviewing.

  • green dot: The proofer has finished reviewing
  • red dot: The mandatory proofer has been skipped

A green outline will be displayed around current workflow step.

Forgotten someone?

When the proof is still in progress if you’re the proof owner, or have been given the special role of an inviter, you can add additional proofers into the workflow. Just look for the anyone else? field in the workflow.