Feedback meant just for the team? Use private comments.

In the collaborative environment that teams thrive in, there’s occasionally a need for both open dialog and discreet conversations. While transparency is crucial, so too is the necessity of having private channels for feedback that’s sensitive or specifically tailored for your team’s eyes only. This is where PageProof’s “private comments” feature shines.

“Private comments” is a specialty feature of PageProof Teams Plus and Enterprise plans, designed to cater to feedback that’s more sensitive or meant for a specific set of eyes. Here’s a glimpse into why teams look to make a comment private when adding it to a proof:

  • Tailored visibility: Unlike general feedback, private comments are crafted to be seen by the team only. It ensures the right people see the feedback, without it becoming public chatter.
  • Confidentiality at its core: Every team has discussions that aren’t meant for everyone. Private comments champion these discussions, ensuring they stay within the intended circle.
  • Avoid overloading with information: Not every piece of feedback on the proof is relevant for those outside of the team. With private comments, you can avoid information overload, making sure team members only see what’s pertinent to their role or task.
A comment can be made private to your team by clicking the eye icon
A comment can be made private to your team by clicking the eye icon.

Why private comments is a game-changer for teams

  • Precision in feedback: By making feedback private, you can be more direct and precise, knowing it’s only seen by those intended.
  • Fosters honest communication: Sometimes, feedback might be more candid when it’s not out in the open. Private comments offer a safe space for such honesty.
  • Keeps sensitive discussions in-house: Be it design secrets, internal strategies, or simply feedback that’s a tad too sensitive, private comments ensure it doesn’t spill out beyond your team.

Openness is invaluable in teamwork, but so is discretion. PageProof’s private comments beautifully embody the latter, ensuring that your team’s feedback culture is both transparent and respectful of sensitive conversations. Dive deeper into the world of refined feedback with PageProof.

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