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Simple audio proofing and file analysis 

Streamlining the review and approval process of all your audio files is simple with PageProof’s audio file analysis. Our audio feedback tools provide an all-in-one solution for proofing radio ads, podcasts, music, and more. 

You can effortlessly review MP3 and WAV waveforms by providing markup and comments directly on the audio timeline. Streamline your audio approval process with PageProof. 

Making audio review and approval easy

Intuitive markup tools allow for precise feedback to be given on your audio files.

  • Users can annotate directly on the waveform. Creating pinpointing comments with clear timecode references.
  • Comments can also be added to waveforms over a time range, with start and end timestamps.
  • Collaborative features like @mentioning, uploading attachments, and threaded replies enhance communication.
  • Play, pause, skip forward/backward, and adjust volume control for a comfortable listening experience are seamlessly integrated into the user-friendly interface, ensuring smooth navigation while reviewing audio.


Versatile audio file support

PageProof’s versatile file type support for audio content offers broad usability across various scenarios.

Whether you’re compiling a podcast series in high-fidelity WAV format or optimizing file size with widely compatible MP3’s, PageProof’s got you covered. 

Our dashboard allows users to effortlessly create a new proof by simply dragging and dropping files, ensuring smooth collaboration and compatibility for different audio formats to cater to diverse creative needs.

Audio Proofing Workflows

Integrated workflows offer a seamless solution to the often complicated review and approval process.

By incorporating reviewers and approvers into structured workflows, collaboration becomes more efficient, ensuring timely feedback and approvals. The process automatically nudges reviewers to meet tight deadlines, promoting accountability and progress. 

Workflows facilitate the collection of feedback from your wider stakeholders, such as marketing or legal, at different stages of the project. 

What industries can benefit from audio proofing?

No matter what industry you’re producing audio work for, PageProof offers a versatile solution tailored for diverse industries and applications.

Ideal for music production, radio, podcasting, audio engineering, and beyond, its features simplify the review and approval process. 

Whether it be for fine-tuning your latest podcast episode, mastering a music track, or ensuring broadcast-quality sound. PageProof can streamline your workflow, ensure efficiency and promote collaboration in every project.


What is online audio proofing?

Online audio proofing is a streamlined process of reviewing and providing feedback on audio files through digital platforms accessible via the internet.

It offers a convenient and efficient way for individuals and teams to collaborate on audio projects, such as music tracks, radio ads, podcasts, and more.

Why is audio proofing important?

Audio proofing helps to ensure that audio recordings are clear, free from errors, and meet the desired specifications. It’s crucial for maintaining professional quality in various fields such as podcasting, voiceovers, music production, and more.