Making feedback welcome

Giving feedback is essential to successful collaboration on work and following our motto of ‘everyone gets a red pen’ we give you exactly that to add comments to a proof.

Using the proofing tools

The red pen tool lets you add a comment to a proof. There are several useful markup tools available to choose from.

Use the red pen tool to place a reference pin on the proof, write your comment and if you need to, add an attachment as well – we encrypt all comments and attachments.

Use the drawing pen tool to visually describe your feedback by drawing arrows, circles, scribbles…whatever you need to go with your comment.

If the proof contains text, you can use the highlight pen tool to highlight text on the proof – the text will automatically populate into a comment for you.

Add a general comment that has no markup to the proof too. Perfect for saying “You’ve done an amazing job!” for example.

Collaborating with ease

It’s easy to agree with what another reviewer has said with a quick click of the agree icon, but if you need to add to the conversation, simply reply to the comment. You can even @ mention other reviewers too. Even style comments using bold, italics, bullet point lists, and more. Everything you need to communicate your feedback.

An uncluttered proofing experience

The work that you’re checking and reviewing is most important on the proofing screen so you’ll see that we hide the comment pane away once you’ve added a comment, and that the red pins you’re placing on the page are subtle (have you discovered the reveal of the comment when you hover on the pin yet?). No complicated distractions while you’re proofing.

Leave your decision

When you’re finishing proofing, look to the bottom right of the proof screen and click the green button to leave your decision – this will automatically notify the owner of the proof.

Nice and easy, just like PageProof.


About Gemma

Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.