Creating proofs that match your workflow

Here are some different ways in which you might begin your first proof:

Sending your proof to one person – the approver

To send your proof to one person to give final approval on the proof, this reviewer is in the final step and is called the approver.

The adding an approver section on proof setup screen.
Sending a proof to an approver only.

Once the proof is sent, if you need to add other proofers you can do this in the proof’s info pane.

Sending your proof to more than one person

PageProof does this with workflows. Add as many workflow steps as you need that contain the reviewers you need. Set different permission roles for reviewers. Workflows control that the right people see the proof at the right time. You can assign a due date per step if you’d like, and you can choose to start the workflow at a particular step – perfect if you want to skip a step for a new version of the proof for example.

Workflows can be saved as templates, and shared with your team for others to use too.

The workflow section on proof setup screen
Workflows control that the right people see the proof at the right time. You can save workflows as templates too.

Sending your proof using a saved workflow

Choose the workflow template you’d like to use in the proof setup screen. PageProof creates a clone of the workflow so you are free to make any changes you need for your proof – add and remove proofers, or change permissions. Any changes made won’t affect your original workflow template.

The workflow template selection section on proof setup screen
Save time by using workflow templates.

Unsure who needs to review your proof?

If you don’t know who needs to review your proof and want to hand that responsibility over to someone else, add an owner who does know (you can add more than one too). They’ll be notified and can complete the setup of the proof for you – the proof will be sitting in the dashboard outbox waiting for the final information.

The proof owner section on proof setup screen
You can add as many owners to the proof as you like. They can manage the proof throughout its workflow.

Creative workflow experts

The PageProof customer success team are all creative workflow experts. We can help you set up the perfect workflows for the way you’d like to gather feedback and approvals. For all of our plans, you can ask for advice and assistance at any time using the in-app chat on your dashboard. Nice and easy, just like PageProof.

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About Gemma

Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.