Creating a proof

Here are some different ways in which you might begin your first proof:

Drag and drop your file on the file upload icon to start:Drag and drop your file on the file upload icon to start:

Sending your proof to one person

When PageProof asks who needs to sign it off, you only need to add the email address for the final approver.

Once the proof is sent, if you need to add other proofers you can do this in the proof’s info pane.

Unsure who needs to review your proof?

If you don’t know who needs to review your proof, add an owner who does know (you can add more than one too). They’ll receive an email and can complete the set-up of the proof for you – the proof will be sitting in the dashboard outbox waiting for the final information.

Sending your proof to more than one person

PageProof does this with workflows. After adding your list of proofers’ email addresses you’ll be presented with the proof’s workflow.

There are extra permissions that you can assign to control the flow of the proof (check them out here), and don’t forget to name your workflow if you’d like to save it for using again.

Sending your proof using a saved workflow

Once you’ve set up your proof, simply choose the workflow that you’d like to use. PageProof creates a clone of the workflow so feel free to make any changes you need for your proof – add and remove proofers or change permissions. Any changes made won’t affect your original workflow template.

To view all your workflow templates that you’ve created, or that have been shared with you, click your avatar in the top right corner and click workflows.

As always, if you have a question simply ask one of our team directly by clicking the help icon on your dashboard. Nice and easy, just like PageProof.