Smart online proofing. Learn about the PageProof dashboard.
Gemma Hurst is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof

A closer look at your dashboard

PageProof’s dashboard gives you a secure workspace prioritised to help you collaborate with others to meet their proofing deadlines, as well as your own. If you haven’t realised already, thumbnails of proofs you manage and those you’ve been asked for feedback hold key information about where each proof is at. Here’s a quick summary:

Inbox proofs

This is your proofing to-do list. Yellow proofs with a yellow filter are those you’ve been asked to collaborate on, think of them as work in your in-tray that other people have put there. If any proofs display a green filter, these are proofs that you own that have finished the workflow with a to-do list or that need a new version.

Sent proofs

Take a look at this view of your dashboard to see proofs that you own that are in progress.

Outbox proofs

For particularly large proofs, they may take a little longer to process so you will find these here. When they have been successfully sent out to your team of proofers they will move into the sent view of your dashboard.

Search and you will findSearch and you will find

And of course, you can search for proofs, old or new, those you’ve finished providing feedback on, and proofs that you own that have been approved.