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PageProof Intelligence™. The smarter way to review. 

PageProof Intelligence™ amplifies the way marketing and creative teams review and approve creative content. Through a series of proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and data predictions through machine learning (ML), PageProof Intelligence™ enhances every facet of your organization’s use of the PageProof platform, whilst keeping your data secure.

Assisting you, like a human would

From searching for proofs, applying the best performing workflow, through to assisting reviewers to markup the proof – PageProof Intelligence™ is there along the way, in a friendly helpful way.

PageProof Intelligence™ is rolling out now, and continuing beyond 2024 to enhance and optimize review and approval of creative work.

    "Every PageProof Intelligence™ innovation is meticulously crafted to empower marketing and creative teams, ensuring it's both impactful and user-friendly" – Gemma Rann, PageProof CEO & Founder
    All the types of files PageProof supports.

    Find proofs quickly and easily with Smart Tags

    Removing the need to rely on how the proof owner named and tagged the proof, PageProof Intelligence™ Smart Tags allows searching by describing the creative content. “White rabbit with blue shoes” will find that Easter creative. “Sunscreen bottle” will find the catalog advertising summer essentials. “Tattooed arm” will find that social media ad. Search from anywhere you are in PageProof and open the proof in a click.

    Coming Q2, 2024.


    Our AI commitment

    At PageProof, our mission is driving marketing teams and creative agencies review and approve creative work, at scale – further enhanced by the use of PageProof Intelligence™. Transparency of PageProof Intelligence™ enhances our mission:

    • Your data will not be used to train AI models outside of the PageProof Intelligence™ platform. For example, we do not send data to OpenAI.
    • PageProof Intelligence™ features use your team’s metadata for machine learning and its AI algorithms. This does not use reviewer-generated data such as comments, descriptions etc. Each feature lists the data access in the admin before you turn the specific feature on.
    • Customers can choose to turn on PageProof Intelligence™ features depending on their plan. If they choose to not turn these features on, team members will not be able to access PageProof Intelligence™ features, and your team’s data will not be used to power these features.
    • We commit to being open and clear about our data collection, data protection, security, and partnerships. There is more information regarding this in our PageProof IT security whitepaper.
    "At PageProof, we believe in a comprehensive approach to AI. With PageProof Intelligence™, we blend advanced AI, machine learning, and smart algorithms to continually enhance your review process while keeping your data private." – Marcus Radich, PageProof CTO & Founder

    PageProof Intelligence™ helps the PageProof platform enhance the productivity and performance of your team

    Machine learning is used to interpret data and events to support and automate decisions. PageProof AI will suggest the best actions to take. To hit deadlines on time, adjustments to workflows are suggested, perhaps even a different workflow altogether that still holds the key stakeholders you need. Proofs are automatically marked up with suggestions of changes applicable to your brand’s needs, and reviewer behaviors analyzed for potential productivity gains. Imagine the possibilities PageProof Intelligence™ will bring to your organization:

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    Smart Tags

    Find proofs quickly and easily without relying on the way it was named or tagged.

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    Smart Reports

    Useful data insights into your team’s proofing data will be presented for you to aid decision-making and optimizing your organization’s approval workflows.

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    Smart Flow

    Enhancements to your chosen workflow are offered to improve the probability of the proof meeting its deadline.

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    Smart Compare

    AI enhancements to our already available Smart Compare feature to amplify identifying differences between proofs and proof versions.

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    Smart Check

    Add automated checks to the proof to identify whether brand guidelines are met, spelling is correct, links are not broken, accessibility considerations have been made, QR codes and barcodes are accurate, and more.

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    Smart Approve

    Add automated approvals to lessen the requirement of reviewer decisions on proofs. Giving back precious time to reviewers to allow them to focus on more critical proofs.