Deep dive: Proof approval workflows

Everyone on a proof, no matter what their role is, can view the proof and use the red pen to add their comments. Some people on the proof can have a different role so let’s look at these roles and how they affect the proof’s workflow: reviewermandatorygatekeeper, and of course, the final approver.

Reviewer permission roles in the workflow


A reviewer is someone you’re asking to view and comment on your proof. They don’t affect the flow of the proof through the workflow.


The workflow step will stop and wait for mandatory reviewers to finish reviewing the proof before the proof moves on to the next workflow step. A further condition can be added to wait for one, or all mandatory reviewers to leave their decision before the proof moves forward.


This reviewer decides whether the proof continues on to the next workflow step, or is returned to the proof owner with to-dos. typically you’ll have a gatekeeper in a workflow step of their own, but if you have more than one, a further condition can be added to wait for one, or all gatekeepers to leave their decision before the proof is returned or moves forward.


This review gives final approval on the proof. They decide whether the proof is approved as is, or is returned to the proof owner with to-dos that need action.


Displayed next to each reviewer in the workflow is the inviter icon. This icon lets you know whether they are able to share the proof by adding other reviewers into the workflow. Rest assured, only the reviewers and proof owners that you see in the proof’s info pane will be able to see and comment on the proof. No one else*.

*Forwarded email invitations or url links will not work for anyone who is not officially added to the proof. PageProof’s unique encryption technology ensures this level of security is achieved on each and every proof, no matter what plan you are using. Unless the share link has been turned on for the proof.

Best practice

Most proofs use a workflow that contains reviewers and the occasional mandatory reviewer – the more mandatory reviewers involved, the longer the proof will take to finish the workflow since everyone is required to review it.

Gatekeepers are typically used for the role of creative directors or internal approvers – stakeholders who must check the proof and decide whether it will move on through the workflow, or need changes made to it first.

Flexible workflows to match your approval process

You can choose to make your proof workflows as flexible as you like, with options for each workflow step such as ‘all mandatory decisions’ or ‘one mandatory decision’ is required.

PageProof’s workflows can be as simple, or as powerful as your organization needs. And, our helpful customer success team is available to assist you in setting up your perfect review and approval workflows.

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