PageProof online proofing. Learn about proof notifications.
Gemma Hurst is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof

Notifications just the way you’d like them

During the proofing process, depending on your role you’ll receive various notifications. PageProof will notify you via email for key events, and for smaller more frequent activity events via notifications inside the app. Here’s a quick guide:

You’ll receive email notifications for key eventsYou’ll receive email notifications for key events

As the proof owner you receive important event emails. These are:

  • Your proof has been returned with a to-do list
  • Your proof has been accepted
  • You’ve been made an owner of another person’s proof
  • Your proof has been unlocked
  • Your proof is overdue

As a proofer:

  • You have a proof to review

The proof owner might also send you a nudge email or email letting you know you’ve been skipped in the proof’s workflow if you haven’t finished reviewing yet.

You can choose whether you’d like to receive an email each time someone replies to one of your comments on a proof. By default in your profile this setting is on, but you can turn this off if you like.

So, emails from PageProof are kept to a minimum but you can get more, or less if you’d like.

The notification icon is right next to your avatarThe notification icon is right next to your avatar

Notifications inside the app give you more information across the proofs you are working on. Make sure you check out your notifications regularly to catch up on activity. You can easily jump to proofs and their proof info panes from each notification too.

Notifications will be for activities such as:

  • When someone new you’ve added to a proof has joined PageProof
  • When you’ve been nudged or skipped on a proof
  • Someone has downloaded the proof
  • Someone has finished proofing

And lots more.

So, to keep your finger on the pulse of your proofs, use your notifications to stay in the loop.