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Marcus Radich is the CTO and co-founder of PageProof

The not-so-perfect proof

Proofs don’t always get signed off for a number of reasons: that contract you were drafting is no longer needed, those architectural plans are on hold, the client changed their mind on a new packaging design, that new policy document is waiting for the new management team to be formed... We understand the often changing world of proofing and as the proof owner, PageProof gives you options for managing your proofs.

Upload New Version

If you find yourself needing to upload a new version of the proof part way through the workflow, you can. Any comments will remain as is, the red pen will be removed from proofers who can see the proof, and you’ll find the proof back in your dashboard inbox waiting for a new version.


You can manually archive a proof at any stage. Archiving halts the proof where it is in its workflow and removes the red pen tool so no further comments can be added. If, or when you need to, you can reopen to the proof to where it was last left off. This is great for when you want to proof a proof on hold and reopen it up again later.


In those cases when you want to delete the proof entirely, you can do that too. Everything on the proof, and about it, will be permanently deleted – handy if you accidentally uploaded the wrong file for example.

Uploading a new version, archiving and deleting can be done by the proof owner in the proof’s info pane under the hamburger icon.

Proof owners can click the cog icon to manage the proofProof owners can click the cog icon to manage the proof

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