PageProof X-Tools extend and enhance the proofing experience

Customizing the proofing screen for your reviewers

PageProof X-Tools extend and enhance the proofing experience for reviewers by letting proof owners add additional tools to the proofing screen – even a customized tool for their own organization. Adding a PageProof X-Tool to a proof lets you customize tools on a proof-by-proof basis. For example:

  • If you are reviewing artwork for a cookbook, the unit converter tool might be useful to add. Celsius to Fahrenheit, pounds to grams, etc.
  • If you are reviewing artwork for architectural plans, the calculator and unit converter tools might come in handy.
  • If you are reviewing social media posts that are character-limited, the word counter tool will be helpful.

A PageProof X-Tool is simple to add to a proof – just add a tag – and it will add real value to the approval process and escalate proofing productivity.


Word counter X-Tool showing the word and character count of 'The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.'
The X-Counter tool can be added as a useful tool to count words and characters of text.

Benefits of PageProof X-Tools

PageProof X-Tools can be accessed quickly with a click of a button in the proofing screen. These custom tools mean reviewers do not need to leave their proofing screen to calculate a sum total, check a unit conversion, confirm a calendar date, or count the number of words or characters in a block of copy for example. Some of the benefits PageProof X-Tools bring to the review and approval process include:

  • Increase the speed of review and approval
  • Flexible proofing tools customized on a proof-by-proof basis
  • Expert tools to ensure accuracy on a proof
  • Extend collaboration
  • Exceed customer and business partner expectations

The PageProof extensibility tools for enterprise customers

PageProof enterprise customers can add their own custom tools to their PageProof X-Tool suite. For example, a customized PageProof X-Tool that displays information about an asset from their digital asset management system, or a tool that gives useful context for the reviewer from an internal product system. PageProof Enterprise consultants are available to discuss your PageProof X-Tools needs.

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Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.