Revolutionizing website proofing

How often are you updating your marketing website?

With the data-driven transformation of the post-pandemic world, it’s critical to keep your web content fresh and engaging. Your web pages need to be updated regularly to ensure that the content is current, clear, and consistent when viewed by your customers. Keeping your web pages updated and tweaked for relevance also helps to increase the SEO value of your web pages – keeping them at the top of the list, even in the age of exploding searches.

Gathering approvals on website changes

It can be frustratingly hard to gather change requests and approvals on websites. Checking links, and responsiveness for varying devices can be painstakingly slow. And often messy methods are used to send and receive feedback – screenshots, emails…even printouts.

PageProof’s website proofing

PageProof turns headaches into high fives when it comes to website proofing, and can bring huge benefits to your web development and digital marketing teams including:

  • Making it smart and easy for you to review and approve live HTML content. Your team can follow up with the latest comments and make changes in real-time, and everything is clearly tracked.
Add comments directly onto live websites and other HTML content.
  • Because PageProof is strongly focused on security and privacy, each proof you send can only be opened and viewed by the reviewers you designate. Ensuring that working on a new website design with confidential product information is kept securely under wrap until go live.
  • Easy checking of responsive design. Your website proof can be reviewed for responsiveness at the click of a button.
Reviewers can easily check website responsiveness to ensure the design works across difference device sizes.
  • Web developers receive clear, concise feedback with additional details such as device size, browser, scroll position, and page. No more going back and forth to seek clarity.

PageProof provides a quick and easy online proofing solution for every step of the website creation process, allowing you and your design team to efficiently create and update beautiful web designs and web content.


About Gemma

Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.