Every step on your journey with PageProof is not just supported — it’s empowered

"Every journey with PageProof goes beyond mere support — it’s about empowerment and partnership." – Gemma Rann, PageProof CEO & Founder
Gemma, CEO & Founder of PageProof.

Human-centric support at your fingertips

From mastering the essentials to evolving into a team of power users, our dedicated team offers live, in-app support to resolve your queries instantly. Say goodbye to scripted responses and hello to human connections—no bots, just real-time assistance at the click of a button, directly from your dashboard.

A rich, resource hub for self-paced learning

For those who thrive on self-guided learning, our extensive library of step-by-step guides awaits. It’s meticulously designed for the self-starters and the instruction-followers. If videos are your go-to, our YouTube channel is brimming with concise, engaging content to streamline your learning process. And for an in-depth exploration, our PageProof Academies deliver 30-minute masterclasses on our most sought-after features. They’re not just live, but also available on-demand to fit into your busy schedule.

Unlock your team’s full potential with tailored training

All our customers enjoy complimentary live introductory training sessions for both reviewers and proof creators. But when you aim for nothing less than excellence, our optional extended training packages are your stepping stone. Designed for the complexity and scale of large corporations and agencies, these sessions are your gateway to frictionless adoption across teams and geographies. They are the cornerstone for integrating new staff seamlessly, ensuring everyone is in sync, anytime, anywhere.

Exclusive enterprise benefits

As an Enterprise customer, your experience is elevated with a dedicated customer success agent and our bespoke concierge service. This offering is tailored to finesse the setup of your integrations with popular tools like monday.com, Asana, Airtable, ClickUp, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Adobe Creative Cloud, among others. Your workflows, settings, and processes will be meticulously aligned with your unique operational needs.

Furthermore, our Service Level Agreements (SLA) for Enterprise articulate clear expectations regarding response times, ensuring that you receive swift and efficient support for both live in-app queries and email communications.

With bespoke training, dedicated support, and tailored services, your team is not just equipped but also inspired to achieve excellence. Let’s make every piece of feedback count, every project seamless, and every team member a champion in their role.


About Gemma

Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.