Easy sharing of proofs

You’re in total control

PageProof lets you control who sees your proofs, keeping your creative work and confidential projects secure. Choose who can view and give feedback on your work to prevent leaks and protect your intellectual property. With PageProof, your reviews are thorough, relevant, and come from the right people at the right time to maintain your project’s integrity from start to finish.

Simple reviewer setup

Effortlessly add reviewers by entering their email addresses, with no need for additional account setups. Tailor permissions for each reviewer, ensuring that the proof progresses through the workflow exactly as you desire. You’re in charge of the feedback flow, with the option to require all or just specific reviewers to complete their input before moving forward.

Private proofs for peace of mind

Your proofs are private ‘for your eyes only’. Only those you’ve included in the workflow can view them, which means any accidentally shared email invites or proof links won’t work for those not specified on the proof. This is ideal for keeping unreleased or sensitive content secure and under wraps.

Share easily when you want to

When broader collaboration is required, switch on the shareable link feature. Activating the share link provides access to anyone with the link, bypassing the need for individual emails to be added to the workflow. This feature is excellent for team collaborations that extend beyond the immediate workflow group.

Seamless feedback and collaboration

PageProof makes gathering feedback and approvals smooth and easy, whether from a few people or many. It’s designed to keep your team’s work flowing – whether you’re sharing with a select group or everyone.


About Gemma

Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.