Gatekeepers and approvers. Giving you clear instructions.

There are two kinds of reviewers that can return a proof with a single, clear to-do list: a gatekeeper and the approver.


Gatekeepers can be positioned anywhere in the workflow, and you can have as many as you like.

They’re responsible for deciding whether the proof will continue through the workflow, or be returned to the proof owner then and there with a to-do list for action.

When to use a gatekeeper

If you’d like the proof to be internally checked before it moves on, a gatekeeper is perfect at the beginning of the workflow.

If a department head needs to check the proof before another team reviews it, add a gatekeeper. For example, a creative director.

Using different permission roles in the workflow will control the flow of the proof automatically. Without you lifting a finger.

Your workflow is how you’d like to design it, but if you need some advice just ask a PageProof expert.


The approver is positioned at the end of the proof’s workflow. They see the proof after all the other mandatory reviewers have finished their proofing.

Every proof needs an approver

The approver has an important role on your proof. They’re responsible for looking through all comments, clarifying instructions if needed, and marking the comments to be actioned as a to-do.

If there are no comments to be marked as to-dos, and if they like what they see, they’ll approve the proof.

When a gatekeeper or approver marks a comment as a to-do, the pin will change from grey to red
When a gatekeeper or approver marks a comment as a to-do, the pin will change from grey to red

Flexible, powerful proofing workflows

PageProof workflows are as flexible and powerful as you and your team need. Proof owners can control who sees the proof and when, and assign different permission roles to reviewers too. Our knowledgeable customer success team is always available in-app to give you any assistance and advice when setting up your proof workflows.

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