Fly through your proofing with keyboard shortcuts

We’ve made it even easier to fly through your proofing with our keyboard shortcuts. A list of these are below but if you want to refresh your memory, click the keyboard shortcuts icon when viewing a proof.

  • ?¬†to display the shortcuts menu
  • c¬†to toggle the red pen comment tool on and off
  • ` to mark a comment as to-do or done
  • shift+c¬†to switch between pen tools
  • shift+enter¬†to add a comment or reply
  • g¬†will turn on gridlines and¬†¬†will turn on the ruler tool
  • <¬†and¬†>¬†to reveal and hide the comment pane
  • \¬†will hide/show the pins
  • * will invert the proof pin colors
  • If the proof has comments, use¬†cmd+p¬†to print the comments list
  • f¬†will take you into focus mode
  • i¬†will reveal and hide the proof info pane
  • d d¬†to toggle dark mode

For static proofs:

  • Use the¬†left¬†and¬†right¬†arrow keys to move through pages of your proof and¬†p¬†will take you to the page grid view
  • 0¬†1¬†2¬†4¬†will zoom the proof (fit, 100%, 200%, 400%)
  • shift+up¬†and¬†shift+down¬†will nudge the zoom in and out
  • z+scroll¬†zooms between states
  • Use the¬†up¬†and¬†down¬†arrow keys to move through the zoom positions
  • r¬†will rotate the proof clockwise.¬†shift+r¬†will rotate the proof counter-clockwise
  • [¬†and¬†] will add an outline to the proof
  • b will scan the page for barcodes, and s¬†will toggle the barcode spotlight

For audio and video proofs:

  • On a video proof, use the¬†left¬†and¬†right¬†arrow keys to skip 5 seconds ahead or back
  • ,¬†and¬†. to move through frames (or second-by-second on audio proofs)
  • space will play/pause, and¬†ctrl+f will take your video to full-screen

For web proofs:

  • On a web proof, use v to move through the different viewport devices

For collections of proofs:

  • Use the¬†shift+left¬†and¬†shift+right¬†to navigate through proofs inside a collection

In any area of PageProof m will open and close the main menu, and n will do the same for notifications. / will open the global search.

You can also customize these keys just for you. Reveal the keyboard shortcuts when viewing a proof and double-click a grey key icon to personalize it.

Nice and simple, just like PageProof.


About Gemma

Gemma is the CEO and co-founder of PageProof. After years of working with the creative industry, she saw a better way to facilitate feedback on creative work.