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PageProof & Okta

PageProof offers a seamless login experience for your organization with Okta. Offering the single sign-on your users are familiar with and ensuring security at every step.

Online proofing for all industries globally

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Proof any kind of file from Microsoft OneDrive with PageProof

The Fort Knox of proofing tools

Not only is PageProof triple-layer encrypted, but if you’d like to ensure further login security, multi-factor authentication and SCIM (system for cross-identity management) can be set up alongside your single sign-on too.

No other proofing solution offers such a secure way of sharing files.

Your choice for secure data residency

Wherever you feel most comfortable with your proofing data being located, we can accommodate. We understand how important it is to comply with country laws and regulations when it comes to GDPR, CCPA, and data sovereignty.

Data location options include: West US, East US, Central US, South Central US, Canada, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, France, Germany, Norway, Japan, and Australia.

Just another reason why we’re approved all over the world.

World map with green dots showing places of data residency