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Looking for an Aproove alternative? PageProof is the solution.

If you’re looking for an Aproove alternative, look no further than PageProof. A robust online proofing solution that offers advanced proofing features to accelerate your creative approvals.

Start streamlining your processes with automated workflows and powerful integrations. Ensuring a seamless transition and enhanced productivity for your team.

Driving approved creative for enterprise organizations, at scale

PageProof has been helping enterprise marketing teams succeed for over a decade. Streamlining creative workflows, accelerating approvals through templates and automation, eliminating unnecessary meetings and emails – enabling teams to focus on delivering quality creative content at scale.

    40% increase in workflow efficiency
    31% reduction in rework
    38% increase in design productivity
    61% reduction in review time
    G2 Spring 2024 online proofing category report ROI and time to go live table.

    Leading ROI, and fast implementation

    Achieve a faster return on investment with PageProof – you’ll see ROI 44% quicker. Additionally, expect a rapid implementation, especially for enterprise organizations.

    4 G2 badges for Enterprise: Easiest to use, high performer, best support, easiest setup. Online Proofing Category Spring 2024.

    Pixel perfect packaging

    PageProof makes reviewing packaging proofs simple and efficient, enabling users to proof from anywhere, on any device.

    With seamless stakeholder management and collaboration, everyone can comment on the same file, streamlining the review process. Utilizing smart features like ColorSep® for color plate previews and an automatic barcode scanner, artwork revisions are minimized, saving time.

    Automated reminders, to-do lists, and checklists make deadlines easier to manage, and compliance risks are minimized. Users can compare proofs side-by-side or with the smart compare mode for increased accuracy.

    Successful collaboration gives best results.

    It is simple to include key stakeholders in your review and approval process. And ensure they see the proof, at the right time. Our team can help you choose the best package for your needs. We want to help you get your best results.

    We believe no one should be penalized for using a service with ever-increasing storage costs as you go. Every PageProof plan comes with unlimited storage.

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    Online proofing for all industries globally

    You might recognise some of our customers.

    Case Study Modernistic 2024

    Modernistic halved their proof iterations

    SDK customers are seeking a built-in review and approval solution that is first-class, and delivers results. For Modernistic, it was vital that PageProof integrated into other systems in order to establish a single source of truth. This means that everyone in the company has access to the same approved artwork – from any system they are working in.
    The result: Modernistic halved their proof iterations.

    To learn more about Modernistic’s experience and results with PageProof SDK, download the case study.

    "It's hard to put a number on mistakes that aren't happening anymore – because now we catch them. We are getting our proof approvals back much faster from customers now. It's really streamlined our entire proof process." – Robert Wales, Director of Information Services at Modernistic