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Streamlined email proofing and collaboration software

PageProof’s email proofing software is the answer to all your collaboration needs. Send test emails from your email tools and gather your teams’ feedback easily. Simplifying the online proofing process. 

Email marketers will enjoy a hassle-free proofing experience and confidently deliver email campaigns to your audience, gathering stakeholder approvals along the way.

Supported email software

We understand that streamlining your email marketing process is important. That’s why we offer seamless support with a wide range of email marketing tools, including Mailchimp, SalesForce, Sender,, Emma, and many more. Best of all, no integration is needed to set up the email proofing capability.

Users can effortlessly send HTML emails directly from their preferred platform to PageProof. Once created, reviewers can provide feedback directly onto your proof, check links and device responsiveness too.


email proofing gif displaying out email collaboration software functionality

PageProof email proofing features

Ensure your marketing emails are pixel-perfect using advanced proofing features, such as:

  • Smart collaboration tools: use the red pen to add markup and comments to the proof. Even @ mention another reviewer, and add attachments too.
  • Pixel-perfect proofing: Use rulers and gridlines to check the alignment of design elements.
  • Powerful previews: Ensure your email is perfect before it goes out to your subscribers. Powerful previews allow you to check the subject line, email address, videos, gifs, and overall layout.
  • Link integrity: use the automatic link checker to ensure all the links in your email are working correctly. Any broken links are brought to the reviewer’s attention.
  • Responsive display: check responsiveness on difference devices to make sure you email will look great on various screen sizes, like desktop, phone, and tablet.

The benefits of email collaboration software

Managing feedback for email proofs can be a time-consuming and chaotic process. Often, marketing teams find themselves sending out test emails to their colleagues, chasing them for feedback, and then struggling to consolidate all the responses.

However, with PageProof this cumbersome process can be streamlined and simplified, providing several benefits for marketing teams.

  • Efficiency: streamlining the review process, saving time and effort for marketing teams.
  • Collaboration: with unlimited reviewers PageProof allows your choice of stakeholders to review and provide feedback on email content.
  • Approval workflows: PageProof provides automatic workflows, ensuring the right people see the proof and give their feedback and approval at the right time.

Creating an email proof

Creating a proof for your emails is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our streamlined email proof creation.

  1. In PageProof, click on the file dropper, and select email.
  2. Complete setup details, such as the project name, tags, deadline, a checklist, any additional notes, and workflow preferences, and then send the proof for review.
  3. Copy the unique email address generated, and use it to send a test from your email platform. 


What is email proofing?

Email proofing is the process of reviewing and testing email campaigns before sending them to recipients. It ensures that emails are error-free, visually appealing, and compliant with brand standards and email marketing best practices.

What are the common mistakes in email campaigns?

Some of the most common mistakes include typos, broken links, formatting errors, rendering issues across different devices, and compliance issues such as missing unsubscribe links or violating spam regulations.