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Looking for a Frame.io alternative? Choose PageProof.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Frame.io, look no further than PageProof. Providing broad file support for all your campaign creative.

Start streamlining your processes with our automated workflows and powerful integrations. Ensuring a seamless transition and enhanced productivity for your team.

All the types of files PageProof supports.

Simple to gather feedback and approvals on all your creative

One system powering all your creative approvals. PageProof’s online proofing software can be used for all your projects and campaigns.

Proof video, HTML web banners and digital, websites, email templates, audio, imagery, documents, Microsoft Office files, Acrobat PDFs, Adobe Creative Cloud files, 3D, prototype designs, and more.


Powerful video proofing, of course

PageProof makes the process of collaborating throughout the post-production stage of video creation effortless.

Whether you’re managing the workflows within your business or external stakeholders, PageProof ensures a smooth process from start to finish, helping you fly through the approval processand ensure your video content is pixel-perfect.

Gif showing PageProof's UI for the video proofing software features.

More than just markup and commenting. Powerful, innovative proofing tools that transform productivity.

Cutting-edge innovation to maximize efficiencies, and that helps reviewers check and approve all creative.

And for designers and proof owners, transform productivity with the power of templates – proof templates, workflow templates, checklist templates… the right people involved at the right time, with your process being followed at all times.

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Proofs flow along the approval process without you lifting a finger. Route your proofs through groups of reviewers, each proofing in turn.

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Checklists ensure brand compliance and help guide reviewers during the proofing process.

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Proof templates

Quickly create proofs to gather feedback and approvals, keeping your projects moving smoothly with your preset templates.

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Broad file support

PageProof can be used to review and approve any kind of creative content. Proof videos, audio, PDFs, websites, email, and more.

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Powerful integrations

PageProof integrates with whatever platforms you’re working on. Continue to work the way you’re used to, with all the benefits of PageProof.

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Deep Adobe CC plugins

With the PageProof Adobe add-on you can enjoy sending your work out for review and approval, without having to leave your favorite Adobe creative tools.

Seamless, purpose-built integrations – maximizing efficiency

PageProof provides world-class integrations with your marketing and technology stack, as well as your communication tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, providing industry-leading compatibility and efficiency.

  • For project managers, vital information-rich proofing details are automatically synced with leading project management tools such as monday.com, Asana, Airtable, ClickUp, and Trello.
  • For designers, an essential two-way integration with Adobe Creative Cloud design apps to quickly create proofs and see clear, concise feedback and markup layered over artwork and video.
  • For proof creators, easy access to files stored in cloud storage providers like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.
  • For reviewers, proof notifications and updates into communication tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or email.
A snapshot of the integrations available with PageProof online proofing

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"I love it! It's made our company so much better. Our video output went from 3 per week to 4 per day." – Kelsey Cole, Founder of MVM Agency
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Fast to get started. Success program included.

If you’re concerned about transitioning from Frame.io or any other proofing platform, getting started with PageProof takes a mere fraction of the time compared to other platforms, and our solution is ingeniously simple to use. 

In-app and email support are included. There are also a range of packages to cover your onboarding and training needs. We are here every step of the way. 

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