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Quick guides to get your team
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Up all the time

We believe that due to the urgency and velocity of proofing requirements, that scheduled outages to upgrade should never occur. An online proofing platform should be up, all the time.
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Making feedback welcome

Giving feedback is essential to successful collaboration on work and following our motto of 'everyone gets a red pen' we give you exactly that to add comments to a proof.
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PageProof security certifications

As with any kind of identification of yourself, it’s of the utmost importance that your password is known only by you, of a certain level of difficulty to guess, and of course not written down on a post-it note. If you’ve ticked those boxes, we look after the rest.
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Adding a new version

Not always is the first version of your work approved as is. Sometimes you’ll find you have been sent a to-do list for actioning. Here are 3 simple steps that will get you uploading that new version of the proof in no time at all.
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i is for info:
Everything you need to know about the proof

The proof’s info pane is jam-packed with information about the proof. To open, either click the i icon on the proof tile, or click the i icon inside the proofing screen.
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Meet our new friends Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive

Select your proof from wherever you like to store it
It’s easy to drag and drop a file to start a proof and now we’ve introduced choosing your file from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive – making it even easier to select your work to proof, from wherever you like to store it.
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Supported files:
PageProof lets you review anything and everything

PageProof logo in the center with various file types animating around the logo.
If you’re working with it, we’ll be working to support it.

PageProof launched in 2015 with support for the common range of file types used by industries globally – Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, jpeg, png and more. Since then we’ve bought you Adobe Illustrator, svg and eps support, and you can even review and approve moving content – think video and audio – with PageProof’s familiar interface too.
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The not-so-perfect proof

Proofs don’t always get signed off for a number of reasons: that contract you were drafting is no longer needed, those architectural plans are on hold, the client changed their mind on a new packaging design, that new policy document is waiting for the new management team to be formed... We understand the often changing world of proofing and as the proof owner, PageProof gives you options for managing your proofs.
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PageProof for Teams is perfect for small marketing teams or agencies

PageProof for your whole team
Wouldn’t it be simple if everyone under your email domain could use PageProof for a fixed monthly fee? We hear you.

Contact us at to learn more about PageProof for Teams.
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Fly through your proofing with keyboard shortcuts

We’ve made it even easier to fly through your proofing with our keyboard shortcuts. A list of these are below but if you want to refresh your memory, click the keyboard shortcuts icon when viewing a proof.
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Notifications just the way you’d like them

Use proof notifications to stay in the loop
During the proofing process, depending on your role you’ll receive various notifications. PageProof will notify you via email for key events, and for smaller more frequent activity events via notifications inside the app. Here’s a quick guide.
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All you need is a modern browser

That’s right. To get started with PageProof’s online proofing, all you need is a modern browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge on Windows 10. There’s no need to install any software or plugins to be reviewing all your content (audio, video, imagery, pdfs, documents and more) online with your team.
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6 benefits you’ll get from a move to online review and approval

A move to online review and approval dramatically changes work-life for everyone involved during crucial sign-off process.
Here are 6 key benefits of making this decision to change your business process.
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Deep dive: workflows

Everyone on a proof will get a red pen to add comments, but let’s look at the different roles for reviewers: reviewers, mandatory reviewers, gatekeepers and the final approver.
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Carbon copy proofing

PageProof continues to be the innovation leader in the online proofing space and by matching color against standard CMYK profiles, passing overprint and transparency tests, we continue to deliver to the high standard expected by professionals.
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A move to smarter online review will change your team’s world

PageProof is sign-off made simple
PageProof gives you this smarter way to review. It’s more than simply online proofing. It is a smart system, designed to make you more productive and have fewer revisions, and have your reviewers giving you feedback and approval in the fastest possibly way, with less fuss.
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Creating proofs that match your workflow

Here are some different ways in which you might begin your first proof:
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Single sign-on for your organization

Wouldn’t it be nice if the users in your organization could log into PageProof using the same credentials as they use for your other corporate applications?
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We make sharing easy.
(Even if you were an only child.)

We know every team has their preference for tools to assist with project management, internal communications, design, video production, file storage, email marketing...that’s why we have native integrations with the most popular ones, and have partnered with Zapier to ensure you can send proof notifications and information to over 2000+ apps.

Wherever you work, so does PageProof.
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Control the flow with workflows

Wouldn’t it be nice to control when proofers are invited onto a proof? Make sure key collaborators must cast their eyes over your work? Workflows gives you this control and flexibility to reflect the way you really work.
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Redefining encryption

PageProof’s use of encryption in proofing and approval is a world-first. This next generation approach to encryption takes data encryption to a new level.
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Looming deadlines:
Making sure proofs come back on time

Make sure your proofs are reviewed on time
What if someone is taking too long to give you feedback? We have that covered with automatic reminders, nudging and skipping.
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A closer look at your dashboard

PageProof’s dashboard gives you a secure workspace prioritised to help you collaborate with others to meet their proofing deadlines, as well as your own. If you haven’t realised already, thumbnails of proofs you manage and those you’ve been asked for feedback hold key information about where each proof is at. Here’s a quick summary...
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Gatekeepers and approvers. Giving you clear instructions.

Use gatekeepers and approvers in your proof workflows
There are two kinds of reviewers that can return a proof with a single clear to-do list: a gatekeeper and the approver.
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Even more mobile than before

PageProof is now available for your Windows 10 tablet, laptop and mobile phone. Download the app from the Windows 10 App Store here.
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Reviewing video and audio?
Here’s how.

PageProof is used to review and approve all sorts of work every day; documents, imagery, brochures, billboards, posters and more – all using the red pen to add comments in precise places to give feedback.
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Adobe add-ons galore

So you live and breathe all day in Adobe Creative Cloud, we can relate. We love creating all sorts of work using Adobe Creative Cloud too – imagery, illustrations, logos, presentations, brochures, documents, all sorts of designs…
Now you can enjoy sending your work out for review and approval, without having to leave your favourite Adobe creative tools.
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Briefing with PageProof

Did you know roughly 65% of creative work produced is actually based on changes required to existing artwork? That’s why we created a briefing module for PageProof.
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